On to the 2nd quarter!

Last week we wrapped up our 1st quarter!  I can’t believe we began our CC journey 7 weeks ago!!  It’s been so much fun 🙂  I’m so grateful that this is our week off from CC because germs have taken over our home and I would hate for us to miss any class time :/

I’m still amazed at how much we’ve learned and how much the kids are enjoying learning their memory work.  When I first researched CC almost 2 years ago, my biggest hesitation was all the memory work… I didn’t understand classical education and its methods.  I thought it would be drudgery for us to get through it all.  The last thing I wanted for our homeschool was for it to be boring and difficult.  However, it’s been the opposite – we really are enjoying it!  Very often, the kids are asking to review their memory work – at home, in the car, wherever!  They love learning all of this wonderful material, and they take great pride in their hard work!

On to the 2nd quarter and learning how to play the tin whistle – I’ve heard it might be a good time to invest in some earplugs… bring it on!!