Week 3 :)

We now have 3 weeks of CC under our belts and it continues to be such a blessing!  I am thankful for the new friendships that are blossoming, especially for my kiddos.  And, they both just proceeded to tell me that they no longer want me to sit in on their classes, because they don’t “need” me there anymore – I guess they’re all grown up now :/  When I told my hubby what they said, he encouraged me to find out where the nearest Starbucks was and possibly take an extended “potty break” while the kids were in their classes 😉  I can just hear a grande iced White Chocolate Mocha (no whip) calling my name!!  Ahhh… as tempting as that sounds, I informed my babies that not only am I required to be in class with them, I actually really enjoy being there!  I’m there to learn the material right along with them.  But, the best part for me is to watch them get excited about learning!  My daughter was Miss Participation in her class yesterday – her CC t-shirt was plastered with a ton of stickers she earned in class!  What fun to watch them fully engaged in their learning and confident in the hard work they’ve put into memorizing the material!  Now, off to learn our Latin, Geography, Science, History, Timeline, Math, and English… whew, maybe I’ll stop by Starbucks first 😉


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