So thankful…

Well, yesterday was our 2nd day of CC and it continues to be confirmed in my heart that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be 🙂  On Tuesday, I attended a great homeschool group meeting at a church in the area and there were so many mamas from our CC group.  They were so sweet to reach out to my anti-social, introverted self 😉  And, yesterday I met a mom, who is a former foster parent with the foster care ministry I worked at 6 years ago.  Small world!  So thankful for the precious families the Lord has placed in our path!

Yesterday, I sat in on my son’s class – the apprentices.  He was the first one to give his presentation and he did great!  His tutor did an excellent job of keeping the kids engaged.  These tutors are amazing – they are so patient and kind and understanding of the individual children’s needs.  It’s a new environment for many of the kiddos and the tutors are wonderful about helping them adjust.  For me, it’s been very special to witness how well my kiddos are adjusting and really enjoying this new season.  I was just telling my hubby that with CC we get the benefits of class presentations and activities, such as art projects and science experiments (like you do in a school setting), but I still have the privilege of being able to fully enjoy this time with my kiddos by homeschooling them 🙂  So thankful…


2 thoughts on “So thankful…

  1. Love hearing you giving God the glory and praise. So happy you waited on Him to chose what He wanted for you and your children. He is so good and leads His sheep in the way that is best to go. Thanks for your testimony. Love you!


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