Here we go…

Another school year is upon us and I thought it might be fun to share this journey with others, especially as we go in a completely different direction this year in regards to curriculum.  After researching Classical Conversations (CC) initially about a year and a half ago, and deciding it wasn’t for us, we have now jumped in and are eager to share our experiences with you.  I’m really excited about belonging to a community of homeschoolers and how that will enrich our homeschool… new friendships, support, accountability, and of course, the wealth of knowledge that awaits!

Last week was our 1st CC class and we all had a blast!  My hubby was off from work, so he got to share in all the fun 😉  I sat in on our daughter’s Abecedarians class and my hubby sat in on our son’s Apprentices class.  I was actually more concerned about myself than about the kids – I have a hard time sitting still – very fidgety!  But, I did fine 😉 and so did the kids!  There was a bit of adjustment required for all of us – new environment, new people, new everything – but everyone adjusted well and was eager to participate.  It was so cute to watch my daughter get excited about her new class time!  They started out with presentations – every class starts out this way.  What a great gift they are giving our kids by training them in public speaking at such a young age.  Wish I had that training… I’m already sweating bullets about the family presentation we have to give sometime in March :/  I’m hoping my hubby will have another “day off” so he can do the speaking for me, since he’s so good at it!!  Since it was our 1st class, the presentations were more like interviews.  Our awesome tutor did a great job with the kiddos, especially with those who weren’t as comfortable with it.  My daughter was a bit hesitant, so I offered to stand with her, but she wouldn’t have it – she wanted to do it herself and she did great!!  After presentations, we moved on to this week’s memory work.  The tutor did a wonderful job of keeping the kids involved and engaged.  We then broke for a short snack/break time.  After break, we went back to class for art and science experiments, which were also enjoyed by all.  Sitting there, watching the kiddos have fun while learning and being surrounded by like-minded mamas, just confirmed in my heart that we had made the right decision for our family.  We’ve had lots of fun reviewing our memory work at home, and I see the sense of accomplishment in my babies, as they learn all this great material.  I’m so thankful for CC and look forward to where this journey takes us…


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